How do you feel about Fauxnads?

I'll say first off that my opinion is extremely biased considering I do work for a Konad vendor, but I suppose it still stands.

I think first off, can this be considered a knockoff? With regards to Konad, I'd say that all others could be considered that due to Konad's current patent applications (although I'm not aware of the other brands making patents)

At the same time though, like with computers is it a knockoff if someone else makes a similar computer or would that just be considered copycats?

I know personally I'm not one to wear knockoff Louis Vuitton bags (mostly because I don't want to wear Louis Vuitton or any other kind of expensive brand bags) but does owning Fauxnads follow under this?

If anything, I'm iffy on the whole Fauxnad thing only due to the fact that the safety issue is big with me. My boss actually got some of the Bundlemonster plates and I was testing out the edges of them; one of the plates nearly cut through construction paper which was a bit unnerving. I have read some really nifty ideas as to how to fix it (contact paper or sanding down the edges) but personally I think it isn't worth it.

That and some of the full nail plates are smaller than the Konad ones and as it is, sometimes I have trouble with the regular Konad sizes.

What are your thoughts about it?

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